6 comments on “Blank Black Screen Fix for HP Laptops

  1. Thank you, you’re a star – mine isn’t an HP but the blanket trick worked and now I have my laptop back!

  2. Hi,
    How dangeous is this trick?
    Now powerbutton ligh is on, fan runs, and nothing on screen.
    But it sonetimes overheats under minute :I
    I´m really scared righ now.

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… Almost for 2 years I was thought, that my NTB is dead.. And “HOOOOOOORAY” He was only in coma :-D Milion times thanks.. Now I must buy cooler.. Pavilion is so hot.. ;)

    Pro Ladislav: Taky jsem tomu nevěřil, dělalo mi to to samý co Tobě, zabalil jsem noťas do ručníku a za 3/4 hoďky bylo hotovo :) 2 roky jsem se to snažil vyřešit.. kurňa :-D

  4. Must admit sounded crazy but the computer had been setting for a year so I figured couldn’t mess it up anymore than it was. Tried the blanket trick ( GOT VERY HOT !!) but sure as heck worked !!! Booted up normally downloaded updates from Microsoft addressed cooling issues, and its back to normal as far as I can see…fingers crossed…….Thanks…. J

  5. Thank you so much! You are the real MVP i have took my laptop to bestbuy and all of these repair shops and they couldnt do anything. People like you are the best because you really explain how to do it and you take time to post it . If you didnt do this i would have to buy a new computer so thank you so much ! Fuck best buy

  6. I have an HP laptop that the screen went blank on. I tried your suggestion of taking the battery and hard drive out and wrapping the machine in a blanket plugged in for 90 minutes. The computer now works again. I very much appreciate that you took the time to post this. Thanks very much.

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