Computer Correct has solved tens of thousands of computer problems for small businesses and individuals across the globe. Tech problems might frustrate you… but finding their solutions is what keeps us going! We love puzzles, troubleshooting, problem solving, helping people, and communicating technological solutions. Most of all, we like to fix things – the correct way.

On this website we aim to provide advice, tips, tricks, solutions, suggestions, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and reviews for the whole gamut of the tech space. Whatever we find interesting, frustrating, useful, exciting, or otherwise noteworthy – we will write about here.

We do so with three primary objectives:

  1. To fix. [To help people solve common (and often uncommon) technical problems that they may encounter with modern electronics or software.]
  2. To educate. [To teach people that computers are for more than email and social networking. They are powerful tools.]
  3. To organize. [To better remember and catalog solutions we find, problems we encounter, and things that we know and learn.]

Our hope is that we can help you solve most of your problems yourself. However, should you ever run into a problem that you’d rather an expert solve for you, feel free to contact us. We’re generally interested when it comes to solving other people’s tech problems, and we will respond to most inquiries within 48 hours. We can remotely diagnose and solve many problems… no need for anyone to leave their desks!