Over the past decade, sometimes doing business as Computer Correct, I have solved tens of thousands of computer problems for small businesses and individuals across the world. Solving technology problems and working with electronics is a passion, a hobby, and a business for me. Tech problems might frustrate you… but they fascinate me! I love puzzles, troubleshooting, problem solving, helping people, and communicating technological solutions.

On this website (and on YouTube) I aim to provide advice, tips, tricks, solutions, suggestions, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and reviews for any tech that I find interesting, frustrating, useful, exciting, or otherwise noteworthy. I do so with three primary objectives:

  1. To fix. [To help people solve common (and often uncommon) technical problems that they may encounter with modern electronics or software.]
  2. To educate. [To teach people that the computer is for more than email and social networking. It is an almost limitless tool.]
  3. To organize. [To better remember and catalog solutions I find, problems I encounter, and thing that I know and learn.]

My hope is that I can help you solve most of your problems yourself. However, should you ever run into a problem that you’d rather an expert solve for you, feel free to contact me. I’m generally interested when it comes to solving other people’s tech problems, and I respond to most inquiries within 12 hours. I can remotely diagnose and solve most problems… no need for either of us to leave our desks!

-Andrew D. Anderson